To propose the most suitable legal form for the company’s business or commercial activity and business with the client and to implement the same via:

  • Presenting the available legal options for company’s legal business via determining the most suitable form of company business, such as (shareholding company/ Limited Liability Company/ partnership company/Joint Venture Company) or individual license to practice business, act as commission agent or to incorporate a company in accordance with the direct investment law and to benefit from the privileges of this law.
  • To carry out all incorporation formalities for the company selected by the customer on his behalf. Further, to obtain necessary licenses, arrange all necessary requirements and shareholding agreements, until company’s operation.
  • To represent the client and act as mediator on his behalf to solicit local agents or partners should the same is required to practice company’s business.

2-To provide business practicing options via office spaces or contemporary solutions.

To render assistance to select the best means for practicing company’s business from office space to be solicited via social networks from the owners, mediators, joint business spaces or contemporary solutions that suits client (without additional cost above the main subscription).